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Pesce Briaco, the scent of the sea among vines and olive trees

Pesce Briaco,
the scent of the sea among vines and olive trees

22 September 2020

A quality fish restaurant in the heart of Tuscany serving recipes based on research and respect for each ingredient.

Lucca, in the Versilia hinterland, is one of the most interesting art destinations in Tuscany. Dubbed as the city of a hundred churches, it is loved for its cultural heritage and panoramic views that attract visitors from all over the world, as well as its outstanding traditional cuisine.

A few miles from the city, on the “Wine and Oil Route”, there used to be a barn about 150 years ago with rooms upstairs: Vigna Ilaria inn, where you could stop for dinner and stay overnight.

It was the chance of serving real 0-mile food that fascinated Andrea Maggi and made him transform the barn into the restaurant Pesce Briaco in 2010, maintaining the rooms in a simple and purely Tuscan style.

SanBenedetto%20FoodExcellence - Pesce Briaco, the scent of the sea among vines and olive trees

The name suggests it’s mainly a fish restaurant and highlights its focus on wine, a key element for the balance of its menu options; “Briaco” jokingly conveys the sense of intimacy and getting together to those who choose to dine here.

Surrounded by vines and olive trees, Pesce Briaco combines the rustic atmosphere of the past with the elegance of today; it has a lounge and a cozy outdoor garden.

Andrea, known here as the “modern host”, welcomes his guests, while the chef Maurizio Marsili is in charge of cuisine based on local delicacies.
From high-quality fresh fish to the excellence of Lucca’s produce, all ingredients are in tune with each other and each dish is unique and perfectly balanced.

The simplicity is a result of constant research of ingredients and local identity.
The menu mostly offers seafood, from raw fish to appetizers and sophisticated first courses. The signature dish here is their healthy salad with steamed fish and fruit and vegetables.
Their wine cellar is on par with their menu offering Lucchesia and Lucca Biodinamica wines.

The choice of water is not left to chance either: Antica Fonte della Salute Millennium Water is an elegant, fine, and essential water that perfectly matches the food and the atmosphere.
Pesce Briaco invites you to discover ingredients, territory, passion, and dedication with every bite.
When you come here you will be conquered by the scent of the sea among the vines and olive trees.

Pesce Briaco, Lucca

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