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Il Mugolone, culinary enchantment in the heart of Siena

Il Mugolone, culinary enchantment
in the heart of Siena

16 June 2023

Tuscan gastronomic delicacies blend with elegance and refined taste, offering an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of Siena.

Our journey to discover the excellence of Italian cuisine takes us to Siena, where, once beyond the ancient medieval walls, we find ourselves strolling along charming streets lined with elegant palaces that rise majestically, accompanying us to the renowned Piazza del Campo, with its characteristic shell-like shape, a witness to centuries of events and celebrations.
Just a few steps from the famous square, we find Il Mugolone, a culinary oasis that enchants the senses with its welcoming atmosphere and the authentic flavors of Sienese tradition. We are warmly greeted by the owner, Giulia Causarano, who, together with her father, took over and completely renovated the restaurant in 2018 that had been part of Siena's life and culture for 70 years!

Il Mugolone is a name dedicated to the restaurant's original owner, opened in 1950: Sor Guido, known as Mugolone in the Sienese dialect. He earned this nickname for his somewhat grumbling and murmuring manner, but he deserves credit for creating a special gathering place where recipes are made with sentiment and character, and where the passion for homemade cuisine reigns.
The current owner tells us that she and her husband were heartbroken to see the restaurant closed, and it was precisely this affection for a place of reference for many Sienese people that led them to embark on this new entrepreneurial adventure amid a pandemic. Today, their courage is rewarded with the fruits of success, thanks to a sophisticated tourist clientele that appreciates refined and expressive cuisine, far from the grab-and-go approach.

We take a seat in a minimalistic and elegant dining room, with few elements that evoke local art history, thanks to the exhibition of Carlo Pizzichini's paintings throughout the restaurant, including a depiction of the Palio di Siena.

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The culinary style of Il Mugolone has preserved the same love and authenticity of Tuscany, using products closely tied to the region but presented in a modern way to enhance the dishes and flavors while maintaining simple, clean, yet elaborate recipes.

The menu offers a myriad of delights that can satisfy even the most demanding palates. It starts with the 64C Egg: a symphony of textures created on the palate by a low-temperature cooked egg nestled on a pea soup and sprinkled with truffle. This delight is followed by Tortelli filled with Guttus, a delicately aromatic Tuscan blue cheese, almonds, truffle, and a slightly sweet touch of Alchermes liqueur; and the Pappardelle with hare ragù, fresh traditional pasta in a rich and succulent ragù sauce, enhanced by the intense flavor of Aglione from the Val di Chiana and a tomato fondue with parsley powder.
Finally, the Pigeon, which delights us with variety of flavors: seared breast with celeriac and sour cherries sauce for a sweet and tangy note; skewer of heart and liver; leg cooked in barbecue sauce and glazed wings in teriyaki sauce. We can conclude our gastronomic journey with a dish that celebrates the culinary traditions of Siena with a touch of creativity.

The wine list prominently features local labels such as Chianti and Brunello, both reds and whites, but it also includes international options to provide customers with a wider choice. As for water, they serve San Benedetto Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute, which captivated the Causarano family not only for the lightness of the water originating from a thousand-year-old aquifer with only 0.0001% of nitrates but also for its clean, elegant, linear, and stylish glass bottle design of 0.65L, which perfectly complements the restaurant's style.

We conclude our visit to Il Mugolone, where we savored dishes that celebrate Tuscan cuisine with a touch of inventiveness, in the magic of Siena. It is an opportunity not to be missed to discover the true culinary essence of Siena and be enchanted by an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Il Mugolone, Siena

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