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Osteria Al Turbine: emotions, flavors, and the passion of Venetian cuisine

Osteria Al Turbine: emotions, flavors,
and the passion of Venetian cuisine

08 January 2024

Nestled in the verdant countryside south of Treviso, our culinary exploration leads us to Osteria Al Turbine, where tradition intertwines with the refinement and quality of prime ingredients.

Our journey in search of Italian gastronomic delights takes us south of Treviso, to the charming town of Mogliano Veneto. Wandering through the cobblestone streets of Piazza dei Caduti, steeped in history, and immersing ourselves in the grandeur of eighteenth-century villas that enrich the architectural panorama, the gentle breath of the Venetian countryside guides us toward our culinary destination—Osteria Al Turbine.

Don't be fooled by the name; this osteria is a gem nestled in greenery, an instant feeling of home bestowed by the warm hospitality of owners Martina and Andrea. Yet, it doesn't compromise on sophistication, elegance, and attention to detail reminiscent of the finest dining establishments.

The Lombardini family was already involved in the restaurant business, but Andrea chose a completely different career path in banking until passion took over, prompting a complete shift back to his roots to manage the Golf Club restaurant with his parents. It was thanks to the determination and enthusiasm of his wife Martina, and their desire to have a place of their own, that the couple acquired Osteria Al Turbine, officially embarking on their culinary adventure in 2011.

Entering an ambiance warmed by the rustic beauty of wood, accompanied by the elegant simplicity of a mise-en-place embracing modernity, we are immediately captivated by the expansive open kitchen, revealing chefs in action with all their mastery.

Our culinary journey begins with the Turbine's fried egg, an appetizer with an irresistible fragrance. Sourced from an organic farm, the egg is fried and served with a delicate beurre blanc sauce, fig leaf-infused oil, and porcini mushrooms for an earthy note.

SanBenedetto%20FoodExcellence - Osteria Al Turbine: emotions, flavors, and the passion of Venetian cuisine

Next, a carefully crafted meat dish takes center stage: the Turbine beef tartare, hand-chopped and seasoned with Giovanni Lombardini's traditional 1950s/1960s recipe. Ingredients include salt, oil, lemon, cognac, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, onion, anchovy, capers, cucumber, and mustard—a mix that surprises with every bite.

The first course immediately warms the palate with its fusion of unique flavors. The risotto of the day is a delightful harmony of textures and aromas, enriched with celeriac, licorice gel, lemon mustard, and roasted quail in its own broth with thyme-infused oil.

For the main course, grilled eel awaits—a refined dish that features this fish in a sweet searing cooking style, accompanied by a delicate peach and apricot sauce, served with a horseradish cream that elegantly completes the plate.

We then arrive at dessert, one of Andrea's greatest passions. Today, the creation of small pastry masterpieces is entrusted to pastry chef Lorenzo, who showcases his skill and creativity, emphasizing the fundamental importance of a dessert that, if not up to par, could compromise an exceptional sequence of courses.

Indeed, we can only praise the delicious almond flour tartlet, filled with a creamy combination of the prized Japanese citrus, Yuzu, and passion fruit. The precious union of contrasting flavors is enhanced by a velvety white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries, accompanied by a raspberry, red currant, and thyme sorbet that crowns this unique creation.

The dishes at Osteria Al Turbine are complemented by prestigious labels, meticulously chosen by young sommeliers selected by Martina and Andrea. Their curated wine list spans Italian and international excellences, with particular attention to the local treasures of the Venetian vineyards.

Even the water is sourced locally! The owners have no doubts and choose the Venetian Acqua San Benedetto Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute, originating from a millennia-old aquifer with only 0.0001% nitrates. Its lightness accompanies the delights of the osteria and completes the elegant mise-en-place with its refined glass format.

Our gustatory experience has truly been a whirlwind of emotions and flavors that elevated our senses, surprising the palate with creative pairings of exquisite ingredients in expertly crafted dishes. Leaving Mogliano Veneto, the green embrace of the countryside, and the warmth and hospitality of Osteria Al Turbine have made this journey in search of flavors truly unforgettable.

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