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Perbacco, the tavern of emotions

the tavern of emotions

27 October 2020

The flavors of the past and culinary innovation in a welcoming and elegant atmosphere

Scorzè, a village in the province of Venice, is famous for its agricultural, craftsmanship, and industrial traditions, as well as its springs and waterways. The century-old San Benedetto spring, dubbed by the Romans as the "spring of health" and a symbol of the territory, was discovered right in this village on the border with the provinces of Padua and Treviso.

Restaurant Perbacco is all about going back to the roots. Having worked for many years for different international companies its owner Stefano Tosato chose to follow his heart and take over the venue that had always belonged to his family.

SanBenedetto%20FoodExcellence - Perbacco, the tavern of emotions

When it opened its doors in 2001, Perbacco was a tavern with a cellar that offered only cold cuts, cheeses, and some simple dishes with a good selection of wines.

The menu now includes more options, the service has been improved, and guests are now received in a more elegant yet family environment.
The location is fascinating! An old mill on the river, with a summer terrace surrounded by greenery and two internal rooms, one of which has an original fireplace and is a perfect setting for a romantic dinner.
The menu, inspired by quality, has mostly locally produced meat and seafood options, except for some rare delicacies.

The kitchen smells home-made bread and fresh pasta with seasonal fillings. Fresh fruit and vegetables are grown locally, while the meat comes from a local farm that uses forage feed and a short food supply chain.
Perbacco goes back to its roots and traditions to offer its guests a new culinary experience full of emotions.

Among its reworked dishes with a modern twist, a special mention goes to the Gò risotto. The main ingredient of this old recipe from Burano is Gò (goby), a fish native to the Venetian Lagoon. At Perbacco you can taste this “white” risotto prepared with fish broth.

Sometimes it is the presentation that makes a dish unique, as it happens with TSExpress, the restaurant's main dessert. You can watch this version of tiramisu being assembled directly at your table.

The wine list, with about 400 labels, focuses on small winemakers of Triveneto as well as the Burgundy wines. This careful selection reflects the preferences of the owner.

Perbacco accompanies its dishes with Millennium Water - Antica Fonte, a pure water from the local century-old spring. The choice of water reflects the owner’s love for his land.

It couldn't be otherwise for a restaurant that appeals to magic and flavors of the past while telling a story of the present.

The flavors of the past and culinary innovation in a welcoming and elegant atmosphere

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