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The Enchanting Locanda di Pietracupa: where Tuscany's Heart Meets Modern Elegance

The Enchanting Locanda di Pietracupa:
where Tuscany's Heart Meets Modern Elegance

13 November 2023

For the discerning traveler with a taste for the extraordinary, the Locanda di Pietracupa is an exquisite haven where the soul of Tuscany harmonizes seamlessly with contemporary sophistication in the heart of the Chianti region.

Our culinary voyage through the treasures of Italian gastronomy has led us to the heart of the breathtaking Chianti region, nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of San Donato in Poggio, a magical realm between Florence and Siena. This medieval gem retains its timeless allure, gifting us with panoramic vistas that stretch over rolling hills and lush vineyards. It's on this poetic journey that we find ourselves drawn towards the Locanda di Pietracupa, nestled near the sanctuary of Madonna di Pietracupa, which bestows its name.

This charming restaurant is cocooned in the soothing green embrace of Tuscany. Here, you're welcomed with an atmosphere of refined elegance that effortlessly melds with the unique rustic charm of the region, offering a first-class experience to both Italian and international visitors.

Monica and Franca extend their warm embrace, the dynamic chef duo, who, alongside Massimiliano and Luca, dared to realize their dream of establishing the Locanda. Their journey, though challenging, has proved immensely rewarding, earning their restaurant a well-deserved spot among the Chianti region's finest.

Back in the year 2000, the birth of La Locanda di Pietracupa marked a turning point in an era dominated by traditional trattorias and rustic farmhouses. The region hungered for a more refined culinary offering, and this restaurant emerged as a beacon of upscale dining, playing a proud role in redefining the local culinary landscape.

With the awe-inspiring view from the hillside terrace as our backdrop, we commence our epicurean adventure with the antipasto. The miniburger emerges as a tantalizing Tuscan interpretation of wild boar, a succulent delight infused with the gentle heat of mustard seeds and cradled on a velvety bed of potato cream, beckoning us into a world of irresistible textures.

SanBenedetto%20FoodExcellence - The Enchanting Locanda di Pietracupa: where Tuscany's Heart Meets Modern Elegance

The wild boar tortelli, our first course, unfolds as a captivating surprise in every bite. The robustly flavored filling is embraced by fresh pasta, swathed in an elegant celery root-based sauce that harmoniously mingles with the rich, crispy Colonnata lard.
The saffron-infused risotto is a sensory masterpiece, captivating us with its colors and aromas even before our first taste. The dish's golden hue is adorned with a whimsical dusting of trumpet mushrooms and edible gold leaf, concealing a treasure trove of robust porcini mushrooms.
The Sangiovese-braised masterpiece is a true Tuscan delight. Here, meat is slow-cooked in the esteemed red wine, creating a rich and sumptuous dish that delights the palate. It's artfully accompanied by celery root puree, which adds a velvety dimension to this recipe that encapsulates the very essence of local cuisine.

The grand finale couldn't be more delightful, with caramelized pears and cinnamon ice cream. This symphony of textures first enchants the eye with its opulent presentation, before the palate is graced with the sweet allure of pears and the warm, spiced embrace of cinnamon, providing a poetic conclusion to our Tuscan culinary tale.

La Locanda di Pietracupa boasts a diverse wine selection, with a special emphasis on the renowned Chianti, a favorite among Italian and international connoisseurs exploring this slice of Tuscany. The array extends far beyond local labels, including coveted vintages from across the globe, hailing from Chile, South Africa, South America, and beyond.

San Benedetto Millennium Water, Antica Fonte della Salute, sourced from a millennia-old aquifer with a mere 0.0001% nitrates, is the choice for its lightness and balanced flavor, presented in an exquisite 0.65L format glass bottle, flawlessly complementing the owners' vision of sophistication.

Our unforgettable day finds its grand crescendo on the breathtaking terrace, where the beauty of Tuscan hills and the embrace of surrounding vineyards cocoon us in serenity. We're acutely aware that this epicurean odyssey at La Locanda di Pietracupa is a culinary journey beyond compare, a unique opportunity to savor the finest of Tuscany and etch indelible memories into our hearts.

La Locanda di Pietracupa, Madonna di Pietracupa (FI)

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