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La Bucaccia. Where culture transports time

La Bucaccia.
Where culture transports time

08 April 2018

In the evocative Val di Chiana, a unique experience where food, tradition, people and Tuscan territory come together in perfect harmony.

Stone walls, wooden furniture, utensils from the past: La Bucaccia restaurant welcomes us among history, culture and tradition.

We are in Cortona, province of Arezzo. Romano Magi is Tuscan hospitality in person. For him, having a restaurant means conveying emotion. People come to Bucaccia to enjoy a different experience from usual restaurants: you walk in as a customer and you leave as a guest.

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At Romano's, the first thing you order is water. According to his philosophy of hospitality, the bottle must arrive at the perfect table, without dust or moisture, and must be opened only in front of the customer. He chose to serve San Benedetto Antica Fonte della Salute Millennium Water because it best accompanies the taste of the courses and the wine.

His love for restaurants started at the tender age of 8 when he followed his father, a cheese producer. Then at 16, his first work experience in restaurants in Cortona, where he learned the trade.

Carrying on his father's business, he started distribution of supermarkets, then the desire to stay in touch with people led him to open his own restaurant. For Romano, seeing the satisfaction on the faces of his customers repays all the sacrifices.

What is proposed is a simple and traditional cuisine, respecting the quality of food and their origin. For him, dishes are like children: they must be cared for, loved and accompanied. On the menu, the Bucaccia appetizer, fresh home-made pasta with Verna flour and the ever present Chianina stand out.

The cuisine follows the culture of Romano's grandmother, ingredients are selected exclusively in the Arezzo area, all of the highest quality. For this reason, they deserve to be shared with its guests: when Bucaccia serves a unique wine or a 3-year-old cheese, it brings the story to the table.

Tuscany is an wine-food mine and Romano wants to share the culture through colors, pleasures, flavours, smells and even emotions. His dream is to pass on this knowledge and these flavours to the new generations, so that they can become ambassadors in the world.

At Bucaccia, you can enjoy traditional Tuscan cuisine and, as Romano says: “Tradition is the culture that transports time”.

Restaurant La Bucaccia, Cortona (AR)

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