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TreQuarti: where gastronomic art thrivesin the Vicenza province

TreQuarti: where gastronomic art thrives
in the Vicenza province

13 December 2023

Balance of flavours, innovation, art and local tradition are at home at TreQuarti, in Val Liona, and are masterfully described by its exceptional chef.

Our journey into the flavors of Italy leads us to the enchanting terrain of Val Liona, a jewel tucked away in the Vicenza province. In this captivating stretch of Veneto, surrounded by rolling green hills and sprawling vineyards, the historical heritage silently echoes through ancient castles proudly dominating the horizon, reminiscent of a noble and chivalrous era. Today's destination lies in the shadow of the Castle of Spiazzo di Grancona, and it is none other than the restaurant TreQuarti.

The curious name, derived from the civic number 3/4, narrates the tale of a gastronomic evolution that took flight in 2010, transforming this address into a beloved sanctuary for enthusiasts of Val Liona's local flavors. Stepping inside, we are immediately immersed in an environment that is essential, elegant, and refined—a space that communicates authentic character and the welcoming warmth of a restaurant dedicated to hospitality.

Welcoming us is Alberto Basso, the chef who has elevated traditional Venetian cuisine to a masterpiece of art and innovation. His contemporary culinary style remains rooted in the local terroir yet is marked by experimentation, novel pairings, and bold solutions. With such promises, our anticipation for the gastronomic journey at TreQuarti reaches its peak!

Who would have thought to kick off a meal with coffee? The Salmon and Coffee, a longstanding star on the menu since its inception, introduces us to an unexpected marriage of freshly brewed coffee and the utmost freshness of salmon. A dish that demands to be experienced.

Our journey continues with a pasta masterpiece that fuses the tradition of Italy's finest Faella Fusilloni with an exotic touch. Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea bring a salty twist, while passion fruit and blueberries add fruity sweetness. But the surprises from the pasta selection don't end there! The three-pepper risotto with ricotta, lime, and purple shrimp explodes with flavors, delivering a symphony of tastes and textures with each mouthful.

SanBenedetto%20FoodExcellence - TreQuarti: where gastronomic art thrivesin the Vicenza province

An unmissable highlight at TreQuarti is the veal with tuna sauce—a modern take on a classic. Presented with an exclusive, pop-art flair, it resembles more a design object than a dish. However, its richness goes beyond mere presentation. The high-quality ingredients are elevated to new heights by the talent of Chef Alberto Basso, creating an unforgettable gustatory masterpiece.

Our journey started with coffee, so why not end it with asparagus? Some might think TreQuarti played a clever trick, swapping appetizers and desserts, but the candied asparagus proves that creativity and art need not conform to traditional patterns. The candied asparagus, embraced by white and green asparagus ganache, delivers a refined touch. It's accompanied by a coconut egg, whose shell houses a surprising yolk of mango and passion fruit—an intricate dance of flavors and textures.

Our extraordinary meal is accompanied by the finest bubbles from the region, meticulously selected from over 300 prestigious Italian and international labels. In this fusion of elegance, innovation, art, and design, Chef Alberto Basso has chosen the exquisite San Benedetto Millennium Water, Antica Fonte della Salute. Sourced from a millennia-old aquifer with only 0.0001% nitrates, its lightness enhances the bold flavors, and its elegant glass bottle format complements the restaurant's sophisticated decor.

The TreQuarti luncheon has enriched us with an experience marked by the natural beauty of Val Liona's green hills, the surprising flavors of an innovative cuisine born from research, talent, and evolution, and the warmth of an attentive hospitality dedicated to pampering the customer.

A proud member of JRE - Jeunes Restaurateurs, an association of young restaurateurs and chefs united by a common goal: to share their talent and love for food with like-minded individuals. Since November 2023 Alberto has become president of JRE Italia.

TreQuarti, Val Liona (VI)
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