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La Capinera: a Seaside culinary jewel in Taormina

La Capinera: a Seaside culinary jewel in Taormina

03 October 2023

The unique flavors of Sicily, spun into a tale by a Chef who lovingly infuses tradition with passion, resulting in culinary creations that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Imagine yourself in Taormina, a picturesque jewel nestled along the eastern coast of Sicily, framed by the azure embrace of the Ionian Sea and the commanding presence of Mount Etna. We recently embarked on a day steeped in the culture and timeless beauty of this enchanting locale. After a visit to the ancient Greek theater and a leisurely stroll through the town's elegant streets, we found ourselves at Piazza IX Aprile, where a sunset over the sea left us breathless but not bereft of appetite. Our dinner at La Capinera awaited us.

As we entered, we were warmly welcomed by the Chef and owner, Pietro D'Agostino, who shared with us the joyful news that La Capinera was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The restaurant, born in 2003, has become a cherished family project, with Pietro's sisters, Cinzia and Giorgia, actively involved in its operation.
The story begins with the Chef's passion, cultivated over 17 years of culinary exploration spanning the globe, from America to Asia and the United Kingdom. Pietro decided to bring everything he had learned back to his homeland, to Taormina, which he affectionately calls home.

La Capinera's exquisite setting, characterized by airy and elegant spaces that seem to breathe in the rich maritime heritage below, hosts a cuisine that is simultaneously contemporary and rooted in tradition. Pietro D'Agostino dubs it "memory cuisine," as each dish is a reinterpretation of the recipes handed down by grandmothers and mothers who added their personal touch.
The Chef's Michelin-starred touch is the result of the "infusion" of knowledge acquired during years of studying abroad, seamlessly blending with the finest local ingredients, thereby celebrating the region while creating fresh, novel flavors.

SanBenedetto%20FoodExcellence - La Capinera: a Seaside culinary jewel in Taormina

Our culinary journey commenced with Calamaro Verace, locally caught and enhanced with a creamy filling of mushrooms and potatoes. This dish, straight from the Chef's grandmother's recipe book, has evolved over the years with loving care and attention.
The first course was a symphony of colors: homemade tagliatelle adorned with a golden, inviting, and aromatic hue from the addition of turmeric, cradling a topping of zucchini and freshly caught shrimp, accented by precious saffron. We continued with braciole di cernia (grouper chops), accompanied by just-caught shrimp and a crisp, fresh carrot texture.

For dessert, we were enchanted by the Lemon Interdonato foam, a gem of local production, which paired its creaminess with a burst of tangerine sorbet flavor, resulting in a refreshing and delightfully fruity finale. And of course, we couldn't resist one of La Capinera's most beloved desserts, the Pear Tartlet with almond gelato – a petite masterpiece filled with sweet, baked pears, cloaked in almond gelato, offering a delightful interplay of textures with each delectable bite.

Throughout our meal, we savored the company of exceptional local wines. La Capinera boasts a selection of 1,500 renowned labels from around the world, with a particular emphasis on Italy, while not neglecting the great wine offerings from America, South Africa, and Australia.
Yet, when it came to water, Chef Pietro D'Agostino left no room for doubt, choosing an entirely Italian option: San Benedetto Millennium Water, Antica Fonte della Salute, sourced from a millennia-old aquifer with a mere 0.0001% nitrate content. Its lightness balanced the flavors, and its glass packaging added an elegant touch to La Capinera's refined table.

We experienced an extraordinary cuisine where premium ingredients met with the "contamination" born of years of experience and creativity, both in Italy and abroad. Leaving La Capinera, we carried with us the unforgettable memory of unique flavors that enriched our palates.

"This restaurant is a member of JRE - Jeunes Restaurateurs, an association of young restaurateurs and chefs united by a common goal: to share their talent and love for food with like-minded individuals." Michelin-starred Chef Pietro D'Agostino proudly joined the association in 2006 and remains an esteemed member to this day.

La Capinera, Taormina (ME)

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