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Contrada Porto Levante, Vulcano. Perfection between sky and sea.

Contrada Porto Levante, Vulcano.
Perfection between sky and sea.

12 April 2018

Craters, thermal springs and crystal clear waters dotted among the coves of a vibrant island

Overlooking the inlet housing the small port of Levante, and situated at the foot of the Fossa cone, otherwise known as the Great Crater, is Contrada Porto Levante a picturesque village rich in shops and beautiful buildings. Just a stone's throw away are the remains of a volcanic structure, the Faraglione di Levante (the Levante stack), which extends as far as the sea. A completely unique area of thermal pools, unique not just in terms of the landscape, but also from a therapeutic viewpoint, all thanks to the combined efforts of both nature and man. The climb up the crater starts a little further south, a tough endeavour fully made up for by the view that awaits, one of the most delightful panoramas the Mediterranean has to offer: a wild, timeless beauty which has inherited the mythological charm passed down by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who gave the island its name, Vulcano, after the god of fire and forges: an island that never fails to enchant.

Local cuisine, traditional dishes, interesting facts

On the island of Vulcano, even the cuisine is an explosion of taste and colour provided by the abundance of fish, by the natural and colourful availability of Aeolian capers and by the distinctive “a pennula” tomatoes. And then there are the pastry shops displaying fabulous sweets made of ricotta and candied fruits, from cannoli to cassate to thousands of other sweet delights, and the ice cream parlours which serve up the proverbial and inimitable Sicilian granita made from lemons, mulberries and almonds. Pleasure, on this island, is always an experience that engages all the senses.

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Therasia Resort Sea & spa

Isola di Vulcano, Vulcanello (ME)

A treasure emerging from the sea.

With the Great Crater towering above, Porto Levante welcomes visitors with its charming beauty, ready to astound with unique flavours and incomparable scenery.

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